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The Lazy Ducky Dreamer

The Lazy Ducky Dreamer

Duckling Dreams

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Introducing The Lazy Ducky Dreamer, the perfect bedtime companion for kids. Made of soft, high-quality white silicone, this adorable duck is not just a cute decoration, but also a functional night light. With its playful yellow legs and gentle demeanor, The Lazy Ducky Dreamer is sure to delight kids and adults alike.

Tap to wake the Lazy Ducky up.


With its portable design, kids can easily take The Lazy Ducky Dreamer with them wherever they go, making it a great companion for sleepovers or trips away from home. The warm and soothing light it emits won't heat up, ensuring kids can handle it safely. Squeeze The Lazy Ducky Dreamer to turn it on and off, and this easy-to-use feature makes it perfect for bedtime, even in the dark.

High quality. No heating.


In addition to its night light functions, The Lazy Ducky Dreamer also serves as a phone holder. Its sturdy yellow legs will securely hold your child's phone, so they can watch videos or read in bed without having to hold it.

I'm lazy, but I'll hold your phone.


Make bedtime a little more fun and comforting for your kids with The Lazy Ducky Dreamer. The perfect way to help children feel safe and secure in the dark, bedtime has never been more enjoyable for everyone. With its new feature, it can be turned on with a gentle slap or a click of the fingers. And the more you slap or click, the brighter the light becomes, with three different modes of brightness to choose from. At the fourth click or slap, it will turn off.



✔️Wireless USB rechargeable
✔️Adjustable brightness levels
✔️Simple tap design
✔️Phone holder
✔️Lasts 4-6hrs
✔️Built in 30-min timer
✔️High-quality soft silicone material


Safe abs/silicone

How to use

Night lamp/toy


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